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Open Access journals refreshed by Utrecht University Library

Utrecht University Library Open Access Journals , or Uopen Journals, provides a publishing platform for ambitious researchers or editorial boards (Utrecht University related) that wish to publish an online open access journal. On a daily basis the publishing team offers … Lees verder

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So, do we have 2 or 74 percent Open Access availability?

by @jeroenbosman N.B. This post contains updates between [ ] Anyone following Open Access developments is confronted almost daily with new policies, mandates, goals, definitions, delimitations and the concomitant quantitative underpinnings. The passed two months saw a rush hour frenzy … Lees verder

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Science Mag sting of OA journals: is it about Open Access or about peer review?

Yesterday, Science Magazine scooped with a story on a sting with fake articles that passed peer review of 157 Open Access journals. In the article “Who’s afraid of peer review?” John Bohannon, a contributing correspondent to Science, tells how he … Lees verder

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